Millennials Revolt Against The Big Banks: Dark Fantasy Writing Prompt

Someone use this and write a short story, please!


Courtesy of Sinister Central

Here’s one helluva what-if scenario writing prompt.

What if…

Millennials literally did die a little inside once their mortgage-sized student loan debts went into repayment? And those morsels of dead souls were then transmogrified into a symbolically fitting murder of crows? All of whom were hell-bent on revenge against the Big Banks?

That’s what I saw when I looked at this picture.

If that gets your juices flowing, see where it takes you! Hell, you could even make Bernie Sanders a wizard responsible for bringing the murder to life!

Giorgio Tsoukalos Gets A Visit From The Gray’s Goon Squad


This meme is pretty damn funny. But it’s also of epic (true meaning of the word) importance if, like me, you used to be an Ancient Aliens nerd. Or you’re at least open to the Ancient Astronaut Theory proposed by Zecharia Sitchin and Eric Von Doniken, and elaborated on in the show.

The first basic tenet of the Ancient Astronaut Theory is that in the past extra-terrestrials created alien-human hybrids and bestowed advanced knowledge upon them, hence the quantum leap between neanderthal man and the brilliance of Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, etc.

The second tenet is that ancient cultures misunderstood the extra-terrestrial’s advanced technology. That the created mythologies, renderings in holy books, and artwork, were literal representations of what they saw and experienced, filtered through the frail lens of their limited capacities.

E.g., the Hopi Native Americans called airplanes/spaceships thunderbirds; the Chinese called rocket-powered spaceships fire-breathing dragons; Noah’s Ark was really a warehouse with DNA samples used to re-populate the post-Great Flood world. Watch the show for a hundred hours of different evidence.

It’s 2018. So it feels like anything be true in the Post-Truth world, doesn’t it?

The veil between reality and imagination is thin right now.

That’s why I find it hilarious to picture mafioso alien thugs busting Giorgio Tsoukalos’s kneecaps. Telling him to quit flapping his trap. He’s the face of Ancient Aliens, known for his enormous hair, weird accent, and OG meme status.

meme tsouk

“Shut up, ya pomaded freak. We worked hard to keep these simians in the dark!”

There’s more to human history than we know. I’m a believer in mainstream science to a certain extent, but I’ve always been naturally skeptical of people who are science hardos based solely on faith. What they’re told are facts. For instance, less than one percent of humankind has ever seen space–yet one-hundred percent believe it exists.

I’m not saying space is an illusion! But I believe in this principle: ninety-nine percent of the people who say “I’ll believe it when I see it” in response to the unknown (or knowable), only believe they know most of what they know based on a child-like faith.

I’d untie him. At least guys like Giorgio look at things from a different angle. In the pursuit of Truth.

Remember the quaint days when people sought Truth?