Quick story.

The first time I experimented with self-publishing is embarrassing to talk about.

I remember the excitement buzzing around inside me as I checked off my to-do list. Ebook and paperback formatting, done. Buzz.  Cover, done. Buzz-buzz. Manuscript uploaded, done. Buzz-buzz-buzz. A rushed Amazon book description, done. Buzz-buzz-buzz… 

You get it. I was doing it. I worked my tail off on these stories and now the world would read them.

God, I could barely contain myself as I clicked publish on Kindle Direct Publishing.

Do you may know how this story ends? If you guessed a $50 return on a $125 investment and lots of regret you’re right.

I had not paid for adequate editing (I don’t mean typos, but big-picture story quality) and I hadn’t put a marketing strategy in place.

I rushed it. In my excitement to have the short story collection published, I hadn’t taken the prospect of being an indie author seriously enough. In the end, I unpublished, and returned to square one.

The experience really crushed my spirit for a while. Then, I started learning from my mistakes. I read up on utilizing Amazon categories, doing keyword research, writing good blurbs. I read up on the most common areas where self-published authors drop the ball on high-quality, well-crafted fiction.

Perhaps because they were in a rush to see the book live.

I want to help you do this right. Being an indie author can be incredibly fulfilling and lucrative. But self-publishing does not mean quick and easy.

Here’s how I can help.


My prices

  • $5 per page for developmental edits.
  • $10 per page for developmental edits and copy edits.
  • $15 per page for developmental edits, copy edits, and proofreading

How I can help (specifics)

  • You have a killer idea you need help fleshing out
  • You’ve done the hard work of getting your rough draft down on paper and need guidance before the second draft
  • You’re stuck on a second or third draft and aren’t sure how to proceed
  • You swear the story is finished, yet can’t seem to get it published or feel confident enough to self-publish
  • Your story is getting personal rejections, and you feel like it’s on the tipping point of success

What I edit

  • Short stories & SS collections (speculative genres: horror, crime, sci-fi)
  • Novels

Different types of editing

Developmental editing involves suggesting ways to rewrite parts of the story so that they work or addressing big inconsistencies. It also means fixing any of the elements of fiction that are lacking.

Copyediting refers to editing grammar, style, word choice, syntax, and punctuation. It also involves improving clarity of thought, concision, and accuracy of language.

Proofreading means that once the text is free of errors, I will make sure it’s formatted correctly in the book file itself.

Content Writing

There is plenty on the Internet about content marketing for indie authors. I can certainly give you ideas, but listen to the experts. Where I come in is when you have an actionable plan, and need any of the following written:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter content
  • Blurbs / Amazon book descriptions
  • Amazon Ads
  • Facebook Ads

A tip for indie authors forming a content marketing plan

Once you know exactly who you are writing for, the content comes easy.

It’s a little hard to conceptualize this–a target audience–when it comes to consumers of fiction.

The best way to approach it is researching your (sub)genre to find out who fans are reading. Then, analyze Amazon forums, genre blogs, and Facebook and Goodreads groups, to see how those authors (the ones doing well!) are marketing or advertising to their fans. Taking a similar approachˆ as the successful authors, deliver them great content–videos, blog posts, sample chapters, short stories or novellas.

Soon, whether just from interacting with fan comments or by capturing emails for your email list, you’ll know exactly who the content (other than your books) is for.

ˆThis is where I come in

My prices

Due to there being so many variables here, we would need to discuss. However, I guarantee the content writing prices would be as affordable as my editing prices.

Contact me

TomScanlanDotNet (at) gmail (dot) com

Or, if you’d like to be less formal about it, private message me on Facebook.

Feel free to ask me any questions, or say hi if you just want to chat and see if we’d work well together.

I hope I can help.