My Process


1. Learning

Big Small Talk

We’re going to determine whether the two of us are comfortable working together. I need to believe in your book and you need to believe in me.

Your Project

I’ll ask all sorts of questions about your writing background, your book’s genre, and your goals and expectations for the project. You can ask me whatever you’d like. More likely than not, the conversation will help get your book where it needs to go.

Your Path Forward

I’ll dig a little deeper about the elements of your book (or story). This way I can address potential problems of characterization or plot or structure before we need to take the blood oath which allows me to read the manuscript.

How You Should Feel at this Point

You feel even more confident that your book is a viable project, meaning thanks to your hard work and my help it will get published. You’ll also believe that I’m the right person for the job.

2. Manuscript Read Through

Deposit Agreement

In order to read your book, I ask for $75 per one-hundred pages. So a 300 page book (industry standard) is $225.

Reading Time

A read through will take one week.

3. Planning

Your Needs

I deliver you a written report. This one or two pages will contain high-level analysis of your book, detailing which elements need work and why. We also have a conversation about what level of editing I believe the book requires.

At this point, you’re free to walk away with the report. Hopefully, you think I can help you take the book to the next level.

Your Budget

When I apply the rates you saw on my services page, I subtract the money you paid from the deposit. Here’s an example:

$3 per page x a 250 page manuscript = $750

Subtract your $225 deposit and it costs only $525.


I’ll put my fiction writing knowledge and experience to full use at this point. You will know exactly how your hard-earned dollars will be spent.

Before I begin editing, we will have a long conversation about everything that needs to be done. Then you’ll get a written agreement and outline.

4. Editing


Once you’re satisfied with our plan of action, I write up a contract for you to sign. You can either sign using an e-signature or if you’d like we can do snail mail.

Turnaround Time

I will return the manuscript back to you in 2-3 weeks, depending on length and level of edits.

Your Turn

You receive edits back and take some time to digest them. When you’re ready, you can go over your manuscript again, making changes and ironing it out until you’re happy.


5. Publishing

What Do You need?

Because our editing outline will be so detailed, there won’t be any surprises at this point. All that’s left to do is decide three things:

  1. Whether you’re ready to publish
  2. If you need the next level of editing
  3. You want to discuss a content marketing plan

Ready to Publish

Like I mention on my services page, I include eBook formatting at no additional cost. This step will potentially save you $100! Assuming you have a cover design in place, we can now get your book formatted and ready for Kindle Direct Publishing.

Have additional questions?

Not a problem. Email me at TomScanlanDotNet (at) gmail (dot) com or Facebook message me.